Our Values, Principles & Purpose

Our shared values reflect the way our employees behave toward our members, guests, residents, clients, the community and each other.

Our Vision
To be the outstanding family entertainment and recreation centre in the Hawkesbury district - providing excellent amenities and services for our members, guests and the wider community, in accordance with our Master Plan.

Our Mission
To provide excellent amenities, services and hospitality that meet the changing needs of our members and guests and generate strong growth.

Our Promise
Together we are creating a brand of positive and sustainable change, continuing our legacy of pride and belonging for our communities. The passion and belief for what we do is reflected in the way we embrace possibility. We take action with relentless enthusiasm to create positive connections for our community.

A place for everyone...always a place for you.
Brand Ethics
Key Message Concepts
Value to Stakeholders
Responsible We act with responsibility    We respond to the needs of the people who create our community. We connect the things we do for them with intelligence, inspiration and a passion for connected living.
Constant We are the community constant We create the heart of our community that is always there as a friendly reminder of where we have come from, where we are going and what we have to be proud of.
Positive We will embrace positive living We understand that what we create together to support the lives of others, liberates the oportunity we have to create pivotal sustainable change in our community, for our business and for each other.

Brand Promise: a place for you...
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