Hawkesbury Living aged care voluntary lockdown

Hawkesbury Living aged care centre Richmond has been voluntarily locked down as of Thursday, August 27, due to a positive case of Covid19 being reported at neighbouring Windsor Netball Courts.

Contact tracing from the courts has commenced, according to NSW Health.

A Covid19 outbreak management plan and team are in place ready to be mobilised, in the unfortunate event the virus is contracted or spread to residents or staff at the Richmond facility.

“At this stage the lockdown is a precautionary measure only, not a direction from NSW Health,” Group CEO Kimberley Talbot said.

“We are taking no chances, and ready to mobilise our procedures just in case.

“Hawkesbury Living is safe and virus free, thanks to the extraordinary work of staff and support of residents and their families.

“We are Covid19 free because we put procedures in place very early in the year, when the outbreak was occurring across the world, and are very risk adverse.”

Ms Talbot said Hawkesbury Living was voluntarily locked down early as a precaution due the increased vulnerability of the elderly.

“We immediately went into lockdown for the safety of all residents, as the virus is highly contagious.

“We very much understand the fatal risks to older people. It is our duty of care to protect our residents.”

Hawkesbury Living also established screening procedures at the start of Covid19 for all people entering the facility, including new and returning residents, for respiratory symptoms and fever, following NSW Health guidelines in conjunction with ACSA and other advisors.

“The Board has invested $600,000 in the past 12 months ensuring our standards are the highest level possible,” Ms Talbot said.

“Richmond Club staff will recommence social inclusion shifts which include video and voice chat calls via Skype, Zoom and Facebook, enabling residents and their families to be in close contact.
“We encourage families to contact us on 4578 2966 for updates and news regarding our procedures and care of their loved ones.”

*ACSA is Aged and Community Services Australia.

Spokesperson: Ms Kimberley Talbot, Richmond Club Group CEO.
Media enquiries: Contact Maryann Jenkins on 4578 1144.

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