Last Bowler Standing in Holiday Survival Games

Posted on behalf of the Bowlers

On Monday, 10th June, a beautiful sunny day in Richmond, a motley crew of 24 bowlers came together for a game of Survival Bowls.

This fun, new format was a battle over 3 rounds, until all but the last bowler was eliminated.  Once all of the different rules etc were etched into our brains, we set off with our strategies to try to keep afloat.

Fortunately, we had a couple of breaks, with lunch provided by the Club, and a delightful afternoon tea by some of the lady bowlers to keep our spirits up.

After nearly 30 ends, the victors were celebrated, and some very generous donations provided lots of prize money.  A ‘money tree’ was also run, and those of us whose bowls weren’t up to the mark were able to enjoy some consolation.

The winners of the various sections were as follows:

2nd Consolation:  1st  -  Leo Depali               2nd  -  Peter Moon
1st Consolation:   1st  -  Carol Salma            2nd  -   Ron Fuller
Minors:  1st  -  Anne Nelson       2nd  -  Grez Muscat       3rd  -  Peta Smith
Majors:   1st  -  Ash Wilson         2nd  -  Kay Leonard        3rd   -  André Caudrec

Sincere thanks and congratulations on a successful day must go to Jill Watkins and the match team.  Your hard work culminated in a most enjoyable and challenging tournament.  We look forward to your next endeavour.

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