Red Cross and Richmond Club Urge Locals to Take Care as Heatwave Looms

Tuesday January 12
With the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting heatwave conditions for the Richmond area over the coming days, the Richmond Club is reminding locals they can find respite at the Club as part of the Defeat the Heat initiative.
The temperature in the Richmond area is set to soar above 40 degrees Celsius over Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with the elderly and very young, pregnant women, people with disabilities or chronic illness, those who work outdoors, and renters the most at risk of developing heat-related illnesses.
To help prevent this, Defeat the Heat, an initiative by Australian Red Cross and Clubs Australia, encourages community members to take heat-related illness seriously by heading to a designated cool spot – their local community club. 
With the coming days set to become scorchers, The Richmond Club will be open to provide shade, air-conditioning, water, and will be running activities for any locals who aren’t coping with the heat.
Richmond Club Group CEO Kimberley Talbot said that a haven from the heat was important to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of locals.
“We want everyone who is struggling with the hot conditions to know they have somewhere to go, and people who will look after them.”
“Our community counts on the Club to make a difference in their lives, particularly in times of need, and this initiative with Red Cross is an extension of that.”
Heat-related illness can range from mild conditions such as a rash or cramps, to very serious conditions such as heatstroke which can be deadly.
Judy Harper, Australian Red Cross Central Region Regional Manager, said Red Cross was urging people to take heat-related illness seriously.
“Heatwaves have killed more people in Australia than any other hazard, including fires and floods, so it’s vital for people to be aware of the risks and know what they can do during a heatwave to keep themselves safe and healthy,” she said.
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