Triple Winners for The Chairman's Trophy

As the end of the year draws near, it is time for the annual event, The Chairman’s Trophy. On the afternoon of 25th November the men and women bowlers of Richmond Memorial Bowling Club stepped out on the green for a game of three bowls triples. There were twelve teams, good response to compete in this event. It was a blind draw, resulting in men and women playing together instead of the usual men vs. women.

This event was greatly enjoyed and the seven ends, three games gave everyone the opportunity to play against different people and catch up. The chairman Craig Hodge acquitted himself very well after a little coaching a few days before. His background is baseball and golf - maybe with a little encouragement a future bowler!

The winners of the trophy were Chris Lamden, Alan Sherity and Peter Vestigan.

L-R Womens President Wendy Dillon, Chairman Craig Hodge, The Winners Alan Sherity, Chris Lamden, Peter Vestigan

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