We support a host of social and community clubs

Many offer members a range of activities, outings and deals at a bargain cost or free of charge


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Chess Club
The classic and eternal game of Chess right here at Richmond Club for beginners and experts!

Euchre Club
There are admirers worldwide for this trick-playing card game - and you can get together with like-minded players and play some rounds every week!

Table Tennis
Speed and finesse are pivotal in this game of quick reflexes and bat control. Tennis on a table - a party favourite!

Hawkesbury Jazz Club
Nothing like the timbre of a brass section or a mellow sax solo. Listeners and performers can come along each week to celebrate the genre of Jazz

Hawkesbury Camera Club
Say cheese! Be inspired by guest speakers and engaging activities to encourage the art of image-taking and printing

Hawkesbury Ukulele Music Society
The classic ukulele has an abundance of fans - and you will become one when you hear multiple performers playing in harmony!

NPL Hawkesbury
The National Poker League has presence right here in the Hawkesbury - a popular gathering of players every week for an opportunity to bluff and strategise their way over the competition

Richmond Memorial Men's Bowling Club
Prominent at the front of the Richmond Club, the bowling green has seen many a game of bowls - with this club being just for the blokes!

Richmond Memorial Women's Bowling Club
Don't think we left the ladies out of the fun! There's a club just for the ladies to enjoy the bowling greens too!

Richmond Veteran's Golf Club
Partaking in regular fundraisers for charity, the Richmond Vets are a valued club at the golfie that aren't afraid to hit the greens

Richmond Ladies Golf Club
Yet another enthusiastic club is our Lady golfers - always bringing a grace onto the golfie greens!

Richmond Travel Club
Come with friends or meet new ones! This club is for those with a heart of adventure
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