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Rodeo challenge at World Polo
Free entry after 4pm for Richmond Club members

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International Rodeo Teams Challenge

Sponsored by Richmond Club

Free entry for Richmond Club members from 4pm, Friday, October 27.

Rodeo is renowned as one of the toughest sports in the world and the International Teams Challenge to be held at the World Polo Championships will witness some of the best competitors Australia has on hand.
Each of the qualifying teams for World Polo Championship will be represented by some of Australia’s best Rodeo competitors in a Team Rodeo comprising the four premier skills of Rodeo,
Bareback, Saddlebronc, Barrel Racing and Bull Riding. Each team will have one competitor in each discipline comprising a team of four , with men competing in the Saddlebronc, Bareback and Bull Riding and women competing in Barrel Racing.
Considered the classic rodeo event, this competition is definitely not for beginners.  There is a reason - the instinctive reactions required to keep in the stirrups, sense what the horse will do next and the ability to synchronise with the bronc's movement- make this event one with no substitute for years of experience. Since there in nothing solid to hold on to, a cowboy can only stay in the saddle through timing and balance. The proven rider deliberately matches his spurring strides with the bucking bronc's rhythm beneath him making the whole ride appear smooth.

A very demanding event for the competitor.  From the moment the gate swings open and the horse and rider explode from the chute, both must perform exceptionally well if the cowboy is to win. A suit-case like handle is attached to the top of the leather rigging, cinched around the horse's middle.  The contestant grips this handle with one hand, keeps his other free and high in the air.  Ideally bareback riders want to try to spur the horse on each jump, reaching as far forward as they can with their feet, then jerking their spurs upwards towards the rigging.

The all female event that tests the speed and agility of both cowgirl and horse.  The horses ridden in the event are highly trained and extremely athletic, matching their speed and turns to the cues given by the riders. The clock is set in motion when the girl and the horse cross the starting line and is stopped when she recrosses the line after completing her run. The colourful rider and her mount must make two turns in one direction and one in the other around the three barrels.  These barrels are set in a triangular pattern, a prescribed distance apart. Winners are on many occasions determined by differences of hundredths of a second.  So the five second penalty for an overturned barrel can be devastating. This event is certainly one of sheer elegance and precise timing.
The most popular rodeo riding event and the most dangerous. A loose rope straps a man's hand to a tonne of explosive power.  Because the cowboy never knows what the animal beneath him is going to do next, he must draw upon his sharpest mental and physical abilities when trying to conquer this twisting tornado. To keep his position and balance, a bull rider is constantly grabbing for new holds with his feet and continually pulling up on the rope.  The more powerfully a bull bucks and the faster he spins the more points the ride is worth.

The Program:

This WPC Rodeo is affiliated to the Australian Bushman’s and Campdraft Association – A.B.C.R.A.
Judge: Mark Palmer
Announcer: Glenn Morgan
Stock Contractor: Gary McPhee
The Rodeo program runs between 4pm and 6pm on 27 October, 2017. 
Friday night program also features live entertainment by The Chantoozies and The Black Sorrows from 7pm.


(Friday) 4:00 PM - 07:00 PM


Sydney Polo Club, Ridges Lane, Richmond, New South Wales, Australia


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