Entry Requirements

When entering Richmond Club, each person over the age of 18 must either be a member or signed in as a visitor

If you are not intending on becoming a member, you will need government-issued proof of identity showing residency (e.g. driver’s license):

  • If you live within 5km of the club, you are required to become a member of the club under the Registered Clubs Act. If you are coming into the club with a member, they can sign you in as a guest and you will not need to become a member
  • If you do not live within 5km of the club, you can sign into the club as a visitor (i.e. you do not need a member present with you to sign you in)

If you are a member of the club, you simply need to present your membership card upon entry


Dress Requirements

Our dress requirements are important in maintaining the high standards enjoyed in your Club. Therefore we request our members and guests to be aware of the Richmond Club Dress Code when planning to visit us.

Appearance must be clean, tidy and respectful at all times and entry is at the discretion of Richmond Club management.

Entry requirements imposed under the Registered Clubs Act can be found here.