Community Support

Richmond Club continues its life long legacy of supporting a variety of services, programs and charities that assist various individuals, families and groups in our local community.
We are passionate about working together with our friends and members to support, improve and strengthen the lives of others.

The members of the Richmond Memorial Bowling Club are an integral part of Richmond Club and our community.

Throughout their history, a number of exceptional bowlers have represented the district at top levels in both men’s and women’s competitions. In addition to producing these outstanding community representatives, the club raises money for local projects through various fundraising events.

This thriving sporting tradition plays a pivotal role in helping our older members remain active, get social and participate in the community. Far from being the pursuit of the elderly, the game and their clubs form a major part of Richmond Club’s identity and contribute significantly to the social wellbeing of its members.

Men’s Bowling Club – Phone 4578 4849
Women’s Bowling Club – Phone 45785303